Corporate Social Responsibility
Volunteer Camp Activities
Volunteer Camp Activities
Baan Noi Kut Kla, Sung Noen District, Nakornratchasima Province.

Even though the technology in Thailand has become advanced and is rapidly progressing, there are still some community groups or some schools that the development has not gone as far as it should. This is the main reason that motivated our organization to have a role in assisting children and youth in the community. As His Majesty King Rama IX says, 

“We cannot just always take, we have to receive and we have to give which means from now or right now whenever we receive something, we will have to try and give. By giving, try to build unity among groups and the nation which in result makes the people trust each other. If you can help, help with full generosity".
(Royal guidance Granted to Khon Kaen University students on April 20, 1978)

The company has organized this activity at "Baan Noi Kut Kla School, Sung Noen District, Nakornratchasima Province" for social and public benefit, and cultivate and create good awareness for all participants and employees. Even though the company has this development activity only once a year, we expect that we will be the model for all sectors turning to the importance of education and helping children in the countryside to further strengthen the community.