Corporate Social Responsibility
Volunteer Camp Activities
Volunteer Camp Activities
Bann Pong Jed School, Baanka, Rachaburi

"Good Deeds" will lead to "good power", whether it is self-development, family, community or corporate level.
Our management and staff provide value for the development of the society, well-being and education by having a school development charity camp. This year we held the camp at Baan Pong Jed School, Baanka, Rachaburi on 20-21 July 2013.

The school is not large but it is full of dedicated students. For the community, Chemmin Co., Ltd. has the intention to donate money and educational facilities such as necessary supplies, nursing home and general medicine equipment, nursing beds and bed sheets.

Also, helping in improving the surrounding environment better than before; whether it is a playground or a new scenery with the budget of more than 153,270 baht. Other than that, we also offer fun and laughter through many recreational activities for children during the camp.